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R. Dean Bingham Architects is a full-service architectural office, specializing in exceptionally creative and practical solutions that address your residential and commercial needs. We offer more than 35 years of architectural experience, served up with intelligence, New England humor, and an appreciation for the subtleties of design.

To begin your project, I recommend an initial free meeting, in Portland or nearby. We will introduce ourselves, and talk over your project and architectural dreams. We may also talk about schedule, budget, builders, fees, zoning issues, architectural style, roof pitch, size of the front door, and where to put your horse.

Plan to bring along a site plan or survey, a list of program requirements, pictures of other buildings or pieces of buildings that interest you. Or bring just your ideas and we can create a vision.

As your project develops, we will discuss more detailed ideas and goals, as well as budgets, desires, needs, site, orientation, energy efficiency, delight, whimsy, materials, intrigue, and siting. This is a highly cooperative effort. I listen well. My job is to advise, imagine, and transform your ideas into architectural plans. From the mundane and the necessary, to the intricate interesting detail, we focus on the quality of light, space and form, both inside and out.


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